We got coverage everywhere in South Africa with our pre-paid data from 15 p/GB.


LTE-A is the future of fixed wireless connectivity! It is build by South Africans for South African conditions. Aimed at providing affordable high speed, reliable wireless internet in areas that don't have DSL or FIBRE coverage or just when you are tired battling with bad internet connectivity which is slow and fails when you need it most!

We combined technology with simplicity to make limitless digital possibility a reality for you!

Get ready to experience a whole new world! Touch to read more!

We believe

that connectivity should be transparent, simple and accessible for everyone. So forget everything you know about "fixed" and "mobile" networks and get ready to experience the internet with our next generation LTE ADVANCED (LTE-A) Network

Driven by our passion to challenge and our desire to create change for the better, we're rolling the network out across the country, connecting South Africans to the unlimited possibilities of the digital world. RAIN Networks!


No Fibre or Landline needed

Super Fast Speeds

Enjoy speeds up to 50Mbps* that's way faster than your average ADSLor Fibre line. *Ideal network and coverage conditions.

Move it with you

Because your LTE-A device does not require a telephone line, you can move it from home-to-home, provided you are within an LTE-A covered area

Quick to setup

Don't wait around for an installation. As soon as your router is delivered and your service is activated, you'll have Internet connectivity.

Connect Multiple Users

Our range of LTE-A Routers provides a stable WiFi hotspot that can connect multiple users simultaneously without compromising speed.

Get connected today ....

With LTE-Advanced you will never loss connection again. The data prices are the lowest in South Africa and our connection fast enough to stream movies, download faster and connect voip telephones.
Instant Web is the head office for all the Instant Web Brands and where we share current processes, news and general information about our company.
Instant Billing is the software that we use to automate all of our services. It include the data of our customers, invoices, sms, emails, services, products, servers, domains and much more. It is a comprehensive billing system that you also can use for your business.
Search, register, transfer, park, point, do online brand protection, become a domain reseller or lodge a Domain dispute Instant Domains.
It is important to make use of a hosting company that will never let you down. Host on super fast secured servers. It is by far the cheapest way to test out our hosting platforms, superior support and our excellent record of experience and expertise we provide to our clients.
Get a website designed like ours. Make use of our developers, graphic designers, website planners, architects, SEO experts, marketing gurus and many other exerienced people that want to help you. How it works: You order your yearly hosting package which include one hour with our experts, and then just order more time if you could not finish. It is cheaper and way more faster than any other web design system and it is personal 
We provision virtual private servers (VPS) instantly from 100GB to 15TB. We provide 7 different operating systems and 12 types of control panels from cPanel to Webuzzo. It is fast, encrypted and secure. It is very affordable for the power that drive the servers.

Internet providers and hosting companies are not liable for you data. Do you have suffice off-site backups that is in your control? Do not risk your data or your companies compliance. Our Instant Backup service help you to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Bill (POPI) by making sure that your backed up data is encrypted and safe as for as long as you required to!

No longer do you have to battle with your internet connection. We provide fix wireless internet with a portable modem and sim card. The speed match fibre connections and it is cheaper than any connection. If you run out of bandwidth easily upgrade for less than R15 per GB. No contracts, no hidden fees. Just switch on and connect anywhere anytime.

South African businesses are rapidly discovering the advantages of voip telephone services. A cloud-based voip telephone system facilitates the flexibility required in the current competitive environment.

Connectivity has improved dramatically in South Africa over the last few years. Now is the time to free your organisation from traditional telephone service providers, rental units, expensive contracts and move to a cloud-based voip phone system that adjusts to the way you operate your business.

 We supply the pabx, telephones, connection, number porting and the hosted environment.

Register you company in the same day you apply for it. We do it the right way so that you don't have legal issues later on of which you had no knowledge off. It has become extremely hard for new businesses to understand all the rules and regulations that they need to adhere to and many times get the backhand for trying. We do changes to directors, addresses, auditors, submit annual returns and more for you INSTANTLY!
Find a web professional with proven track record to take care of your website maintenance, updates and restoration when your website get hacked. Our maintenance system check your website pixel by pixel after an upgrade to ensure that it is not broken. We remove malware and harden the security. Rather be safe than sorry!
With Instant Web search engine optimization just got way easier. We use several systems together to achieve the best SEO practise available for your website. It is cost effective, easy to use and publish automatically new data to search engines
Bring your message live to people visiting your website. Use your smartphone to record and upload your message and within a few minutes play it to your visitors. Announce discounts, specials, give information, help navigate and take people to pages you want them to go. A live message is far more effective than text, images and embedded videos.
Let Instant Web build your app instantly with our online app builder software. We will help you publish it, distribute it and advertise it for you.
Want to start an online education system or learning management system. We got a simplistic, easy to use LMS software that will take your education program to the next level.
We provide a vast quatity of ready made templates for you for any type of platform you want to work on. Get your templates today and start building the website you want.
Use Instant Verify to proof to your visitors that you are authenticated and that you are what you say your are. Visitors trust websites that go the extra mile to proof that they are not scammers but real businesses on the internet. Instant Verify made this easy and accessible for businesses that mean real business.
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