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The internet we provide set us miles apart from any other company. It is stress free. With Instant Web you forget how many issues you battle with just having proper internet, saving a lot of money, time and effort just by not having to worry about your internet connection. Just think how many times you experience downtime or very slow speeds, when you reach your usage cap, just when you critically need internet for an urgent task. With us, you just experience always on, superfa portable internet.

No Credit Checks

Because we don't do contracts, we don't do credit checks! So you don't need to worry about getting vetted and waiting for approval on your signup. Our activations are instantaneous, so you'll be up and running in no time!

We know about internet

Our partnership agreements with big companies like RAIN, CELLC and IS make it possible for us to provide the best internet connection available in the market and you do not have to worry about reliability and consistent services.

No Contracts

At Instant Web, we don't lock you into contractual commitments or hidden clauses. All our packages are month to month and can be easily cancelled if you change your mind or you can just make use of our prepaid!


The concept of always online is todays reality. Without internet, you are facing a lot of challenges to be able to complete tasks in time, deliver work and to socialize.

People have become heavily dependent on the way they interact online and require an internet provider that can quickly adapt to the newest technologies in the market and have the means to adapt instantly to vendors that provide the best options.

With this said: Instant Web ability is keeping you online with the latest and best technologies and ensure that the vendors providing internet application interfaces to us are only the best with the cheapest pricing margins which you can benefit from.


why use us as your internet provider

plug and play internet

You do not require a degree to use our internet. Order, pay, get delivered, plug in, connect and start using your internet

You determine your usage

From 10GB up to 330GB you can use as much as you want, download, stream, watch youtube, do social.

No fixed line installation

LTE does not require a fixed or voice line, which means you don’t have to get a landline before you can get online.

Affordable data prices

No longer hijacked by the expensive prices for data. From R6 per GB, you choose whats best for you.

Amazing Speeds

You are no longer bound to speed limits. The better your signal, the better your connection to the internet.

Top Up anytime you want

If you run out of data, you can topup at any time you want. Use a credit card, snapscan or EFT. It is quick.

How to get your hands on our services:
1. Check your coverage
2. Choose a package that suite you best
3. Order, register and pay.
4. Couriers will contact you and deliver
5. We will activate your service the moment you receive it.

And this is it. You can start enjoy the best there is.


Use the maps to see if you are in a covered area. If you are in doubt, please call us on +27 12 035 1155

Note: You can check your coverage on the order page of Instant Web as well. If you are in a bad reception area you can use our antennas to boost your signal.
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Important Notes
Should you reach your monthly cap, you will be routed to a user friendly page where you can check usage and top up
Data bundles are valid for 30 days
These package were designed with a hard cap therefore no out of bundle rates apply and this ensures that customer’s do not receive a bill shock resulting in a bad customer experience.
Should the monthly inclusive data not be sufficient, you can either upgrade or top up.
Packages are available on a month to month basis allowing subscribers to upgrade and downgrade the package.
  • Require Check Coverage
  • Includes 25GB data
  • Rollover 30 days
  • Month to month with one month notice to suspend or terminate a connection.
  • Upgrade to 330GB
  • Top Ups at R15 per GB
  • Double data promotion
  • Exclude delivery of R190
  • Exclude installation or support to setup modems. You can add installation under prepaid hours & incidents
  • Exclude modems
  • Works everywhere in South Africa
  • Includes 10GB data
  • Rollover 1 year
  • No cancellation required
  • Upgrade to 200GB at R15/GB. The more you order the lower is the data.
  • Top Ups at nominations of 10GB up to 200GB
  • Exclude delivery of R190
  • Exclude installation or support to setup modems. You can add installation under prepaid hours & incidents
  • Exclude modems
B618 modems are our preferred means of connecting to the internet. The modem is stylish and fit in any room or area. It is powerful and allow up to 64 simultaneous connections.

And best of all, it works as expected and is 5G ready.
Instant Web Provide several antennas to boost your signal rapidly and increase the stability of your signal and speed of your internet. We have the XPOL-0001 4dBI Indoor/Outdoor Antenna. Our antennas come complete with cable, pigtails and brackets.

You're in Control with your ClientArea

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• Make Payments 
• Check Balances 
• Top up Your Account
•Request Support
•Add hours for development
•and much more



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